Welcome to Kerala Scheduled Tribe Development Department

The Scheduled Tribes (STs) are the groupings of historically disadvantaged people that are given express recognition in the Constitution of India. The reservation policy became an integral part of the Constitution through the efforts of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar , father of Modern India and architect of the Indian Constitution; he participated in Round Table Conferences and fought for the rights of the Oppressed and Depressed Classes. The Constitution lays down general principles for the policy of affirmative action for the Scheduled Tribes.

The Scheduled Tribes and Traditional Forest Dwellers Act (Recognition of Forest Act) 2006, to recognize and vest the rights of the forest land used by Scheduled Tribes and Traditional Forest Dwellers has come to effect in India for the first time, from 02.01.2007. An in-depth and precise knowledge of the act is essential to ensure effective implementation of the act.